Lucy is a truly amazing and inspiring woman.  Through her dedicated and knowledgeable coaching I was able to discover my true potential.  Working with Lucy took my running to a whole new level.  It challenged my athletic abilities and pushed me beyond my own expectations.

Her consistent, results-driven coaching methods helped me to become a tougher and stronger athlete.  Lucy’s coaching confirmed my running form and technique and helped me consistently improve this.  Lucy is attentive, and totally committed to you.

Lucy’s coaching is intensive and thorough. Her sessions comprise full workout preparation and recovery, carefully measured and scheduled workouts, and proper pre-race and race day preparation.

Lucy taught me not to be afraid to push myself, to not be afraid to run fast, and how wonderful it feels when you do.  My coaching with Lucy taught me to not be intimidated by my competition but to go after it.  I learned mental preparation, toughness and focus.  Lucy taught me to be a wolf and feel the hunger!

Lucy’s professional and disciplined coaching methods helped me to reach and exceed my goals.  The evidence is in my running form, technique, fitness, strength, stamina, flexibility, recovery, and race results.

The valuable lessons learned through Lucy’s coaching will carry you through your training and beyond, for your immediate and long term running goals.

Jennifer D.

I went from an arrogant amateur to a cautiously successful, Boston Marathon qualified runner in a couple years, thanks to Tania’s coaching.

I attempted my first Boston qualifier at the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax NS, in June 2011. I had been training at a level that I felt was fairly advanced and Tania encouraged me along the way, being careful to raise my mileage and intensity of workouts at a level commensurate with my enthusiasm, without putting me at unnecessary risk. Come race week, we discussed my plan. I suggested that a 3:15 (my BQ requirement at the time) would be a walk in the park (see aforementioned arrogance) but Tania felt that I may not have enough overall mileage to hit a 3:15 and that a 3:20 is more realistic. Despite my denial, I ran a 3:20 in Halifax–precisely as Tania predicted.

My next run was my first Philadelphia experience and again, I was possibly over-confident. I claimed that a 3:00 (or faster) was within reach. Again, Tania felt that running at that speed would be unrealistic and might compromise my chances of achieving my 3:10 (BQ) goal. She was right (I followed her advice to moderate the early miles) and I managed a 3:06:44 to secure a spot in the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Next up was a 1/2 marathon in Atlantic City, which we were using as a training run for Philly 2013, where I hoped to run a sub 3:00 marathon. In this case Tania felt I was better prepared than I might have thought and that I should push a bit harder by setting a pace that would result in a 1:22 finish (3 minutes faster than my previous PB, which I’d set merely 3 months prior at the Manitoba 1/2 Marathon). This struck me as a departure from her previously conservative goals for me but it appealed to my sense of adventure… as she predicted, I managed to run much faster than I ever had before: 1:21, earning me 2nd place among runners in the 30-39 age category and enabling me to have my picture taken with 2 Kenyans (woo!).

Finally (so far) was my attempt at beating 3 hours in a marathon. We’d chosen Philadelphia because A) I had run it before, B) it is flat & fast, C) the late November race date meant that the climate would be perfect for me.

I trained hard and Tania was entirely dependable and inspiring, talking me off the ledge through a calf muscle injury 3 weeks prior to race day that sidelined me for a week, and pushing me to work harder when I was otherwise healthy.

In the end I ran a 2:54, which was almost exactly what Tania felt I was capable of and a PB that I am very proud of.

Tania accomplished all of this without actually training with me in person. We exchanged emails; I sent calendars with my running schedules and she reciprocated with XL sheets with targets to improve my fitness. I called her when I was in a panic (more than I’d care to admit) and would bombard her with neurotic emails when I needed specific advice. She was always there and always had a nugget of encouragement or a sobering cautionary tale.

Luke was on the cover of the July 2011 iRun magazine.  Read about his running adventures as a travelling musician at http://www.irun.ca/issues/article.php?id=317&intIssueID=23

Luke Doucet

I read an article in iron magazine featuring Tania in which she spoke about herself and her running history.  Being a run coach myself, I believed that I did not require a coach for my training.  But after numerous of times of not being able to keep my training on track and failing to reach my time goals I set for myself, I thought it was time to become accountable and acquire a run coach.  I later realized that runners of all levels should always acquire a run coach that suits their needs and goals.  It is all about accountability.  I would book in clients for myself instead of training but after hiring a run coach, I was now accountable to Tania through my weekly emails.

Calgary has many run coaches available but I felt drawn to Tania because of her life experiences and her professional training experiences.  I was also looking for a coach who could guide me along the way to my goal.  My life is crazy busy and her plan had a lot of flexibility but specific enough for me for my time goal.  I loved her hands off approach but yet she was always there to provide me feedback and assistance through email.  Email just seems to work best for me.

Since training with Tania, I achieved my half marathon goal of sub 2:07 that I had set in 2006 and the best part I consistently ran a sub 1 hour 10K on a regular basis.  In the past I had never been able to get under 1 hour for some reason.

Sheena Denscombe, Run Coach - Calgary, Alberta

“I admire Tania for her wonderful accomplishments in Athletics. Tania’s sound advice has really helped to improve my ability to focus on how to train and prepare properly to become one of Canada’s top Para-Athletes in running. You would be well advised to look to Tania to challenge you to achieve a higher level in your running and your life.”

Rick Ball Single leg amputee World Record holder (10k, half and full marathon)